The act of making work is ephemeral and cannot be contained to a singular object. Rather, a collection of objects representing the various stages of the process turns the ephemeral into something tangible that we can observe and appreciate physically. Metalsmith Kim Cridler’s work is entirely shaped through this sequence of processes: observing, collecting, sketching, drafting, and finally, fabricating. Cridler’s work places emphasis on nature and the effect it has on our lives, both of which are constantly flowing and changing. These changing things are then paused infinitely, immortalized in dense metal.

Kim Cridler exhibits widely throughout the United States; her sculptures are part of numerous university and museum collections and she is regularly commissioned to create public art work. She earned a BFA at the University of Michigan, and an MFA in Metals from the State University of New York. Cridler’s work grapples with the tension between ornament and function, and natural versus fabricated forms, a reflection of her roots in rural Michigan. She currently lives and works in Rockford.

All Things Change is a collaborative project by students in Grand Valley State University’s Curatorial Studio class and the artist Kim Cridler, led by professor Anna Campbell.

Ran from November 21 – December 5, 2016

Closing reception December 2, 6-8 pm

Kim Cridler

Visual Studies GVSU